If you are viewing this page...I'm sorry. I'm sorry that your precious child isn't here with you. I'm sorry for the tears you cry, and the silent screams that capture within you daily.

But you are not alone. Many mothers walk this road with you. Though this journey is one of extreme pain and endurance, we walk together arm in arm, supporting one another to lead healthy lives.


You are NOT crazy. You are not delusional. You are a grieving parent, who needs the help of your community, loved ones and friends to sustain in this dark time.

We here at Miscarriage Matters to Mothers care. Though our children soar far beyond the confines of this earth, they are ever near us within our hearts.

Length of life does not determine the depth of it's meaning. No matter if your child was within you 7 weeks or 7 months, born sleeping or gone too  soon...you are a mother.

I wrote a book about my experience with my precious Sarah. I held on with my whole entire being, and don't like the word Miscarriage, because I held on...I Didn't Mis-carry my baby.

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