1. This Year

From the recording This Year

This song was written in honor of my friend, Christopher David Terry. On January 6, 1999, David was shot and killed at a car wash in Bethany, Oklahoma. He was a mentor, teacher and a young man who loved the Lord.  Though he is dearly missed, we are 100% certain he looks down on us all, remembered with love.  He is survived by his mother, Carolyn, brother Michael and sister, Leanne.
Rest In Peace, my dear, sweet friend.


Verse# 1:The Christmas this year, won't be the sameThere's no presents with your name againThe snow will fall outside, but it can't hideThe pain I feel inside of meNew Years Eve, my heart still grievesI remember the way you smiled at meValentines Day, my heart went awayBut in my dream, I think of you, your love was true.Verse#2Easter morning comes, I thank God for His SonWho rose to give me hope todayChildren laugh and play, what can I sayI wish one of them belonged to you and meFourth of July, as fireworks flyI remember, the fire in your eyesThanksgiving Day, can't believe you went awayBut I'm thankful, I had the chance to say...to say, Oh,Lord,(This Year)
CHORUS:This year, I live for you, now that you're goneThis year, I live for you, there's nothingelse I can doAdlib:This year I'm gonna watch the sun rise, I'm gonna see the oceanas it sweeps toward the skyI'm gonna hear the children's laughter, a new born baby's cryI wish you were here this year