1. Still Here

From the recording Still Here

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"Still Here" is a single from the upcoming album, "Dimension 22," written and produced by Michelle L. Myers, sang by the group 8 Chicken Nuggets.
Diamond Myers-Walters
Rose Myers-Walters
Tyler Walters
Tyson Walters
(c) February 2, 2, 2022


You hide secrets in your heart
Thoughts are racing they tear you apart
People look and see what they want
They don't see the tears in your eyes
They don't know what you survived

You bee through the fire
Covered in burns
They can't see your scars
But sometimes you hurt
You're a survivor facing your fears
No matter what you've been through
You're still here

2nd Verse
You say you're fine, for everyone else
Look in the mirror, you don't, recognize yourself
Strength is burning through your veins
You're stronger than you were before
You're pushing through the pain

You been broken, you been bound
You been lonely, no one around
But then came love
You were found
Yeah, the fire burned you,
But you're standing your ground