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"Still Here"
A song about acknowledging and loving yourself.
Yes, you go through hard things, but YOU ARE STILL HERE.
Things do not always go according to plan, but we must focus on the good things that we have in our lives.
There are times that is challenging to do.
As a neurodiverse family of Autistic people, the Myers family has unique challenges that are often demonized by the ignorant, or misunderstood.
From chronic illness, being a single parent, losing loved ones to tragedy, losing a job, or meeting odds in which you feel there is no positive outcome...this song reminds you that YOU ARE STILL HERE!
While it does have a few minutes of a vocal song, we also included an instrumental divinely inspired orchestration. This song is great for mediation, prayer, or just taking a moment to remember the strength and courage that is within you, even when you don't feel it is possible.


You hide secrets in your heart
Thoughts are racing, they tear you apart
People look, and see what they want
They don't see the tears in your eyes
They don't know what you survived.

You've been through the fire
Covered in burns
They can't see your scars
But sometimes you hurt.
You're a survivor
Facing your fears
No matter what you've been through you're still here.

You say you're fine for everyone else
Look in the mirror you don't recognize yourself
But strength is burning through your veins
You're a stronger than you were before
You're pushing through the pain.

You been broken, you been down
You been lonely, no one around.
But then came love, you were found
Yeah, the fire burned you,
But you're standing your ground.