1. Awakening
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An instrumental track, definitely one that again leads you on a Seer's journey.
This song was also fully composed within three days, every note carefully directed from a beautiful light and warmth of our Creator.
While some people are challenged to believe in things they cannot see, music has a way of not needing explanation. This song is a gift given through very fallible people.
The Myers family has been through many challenges, but daily awaken to the realization that they are LOVED and LOVE others.
Sometimes we walk through life asleep. We are numb due to many things that euthanize our dreams and desires. We lose hope, and there's not always someone to rely on to help us focus on the beautiful things.

This song leads the listener on a journey to awaken to the beauty of the love of self, others, and the Creator. Some days it feels easier to sleep away, or walk unaware to the horrors that often unfold. "Awakening," provides a meditative moment to find a safe place to take steps towards engaging again in life.

If you are feeling sluggish, this song has a way of blessing others to venture out and share their journey. Sometimes, we think we are alone, because we are afraid to connect after many hard things. However, LOVE, wants to invite you to start the day, eyes wide open to opportunities of love and grace.