1. Shine

From the recording Shine

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Shine is a single from the album Atypical.

Michelle's Notes:
"I was sitting at the keyboard one day, and suddenly felt really warm. Though it sounds crazy, to my left, I saw a watery image...kind of like heatwaves or something. I saw and hear someone singing a song, and as they sang the image became a little more solid.
Crazy, but I had a vision of Michael Jackson singing this song! Then, when it got to the second verse part, I heard a woman's voice. As she continued, there was no doubt in my mind that I was having some awesome vision of Michael and Whitney Houston. They were singing this song as a duet.
It shocked me so much I started crying. It is one of the most profound moments of my life, and I would swear that I was in an audience watching the two sing on a stage. As the song ended, the vision of Michael smiled at me.
Immediately I laid out the song and knew that it was for Diamond to sing. She goes through so much, and I sincerely believe that the Creator allowed this vision song to encourage her and others that go through chronic health issues, or things that are different than most.
I hope everyone is encouraged."
Michelle L. Myers


The day has come but you can't see the light.
You lost all hope that it will be alright
When you feel lost and lonely
Remember who you are
You may be different but to me
You outshine the stars

The world around you is confusing and, you don't fit in
The pain outside, creeps on in
When you feel scared and worthless
Remember who you are
You may be different but to me
You outshine the stars

So shine--------
Cuz you're beautiful, yes you are
So shine------
Just as you are
You're beautiful
To me

So, shine