1. Stronger

From the recording Stronger

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'Stronger' is another song that was first composed in Michelle's dream and then finished in an open vision. It is sang by her children the 8 Chicken Nuggets family band.


1st Verse
You close your eyes and try to go to sleep
But thoughts keep drifting
Taking you ever deep

Trying so hard to make things right
But you can't tell anyone
The secrets that you hide

You hurt right now but you dont know
You're stronger than you were before
Pick your head back up and try again
There's more so much more
Survive the pain no, you won't be the same
You'll be stronger
Stronger than you were before

2nd verse
It hurts to breathe alone
You're tired of crying
Sometimes you grieve
You feel like your light is dying

But just hold on
To the love you know
As long as you can stand
Shine wherever you go