1. Gentle Rain
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"Gentle Rain"
A song written to acknowledge those whom we love, yet we must choose not to be with them.

Love is a diverse conversation. Sometimes, no matter how much we love and care for family, friends, or a lover, certain situations or behaviors don't permit us to be with them.
This song validates that the love is still real, even if the choice is not to be with the person.
We believe that the Creator sees the tears shed, and allows you to feel sadness...anger...uncertainty or more, as you process this type of love.


Everybody's always in a rush
But when one of us leaves there falls a hush.
We'd give anything for one more day
One moment, we pray.

We got lots of moments that we grieve.
We miss who we were or dreamed to be,
But when loving someone breaks your heart
How do you begin, where do you start?

I miss you, like a gentle rain
That falls when the sun is shining
I keep asking God, to let it rain again.
I miss you, even through the storm
I loved you, but now I'm torn
I'd give anything right now to feel the rain.

Sometimes I feel like I am not enough
God can heal a broken heart, but what about trust?
Can I trust myself to carry on
Is loving you wrong?

Letting go, but I got memories.
There was so much bad, but goodness I still see.
I know I'm better off to walk away,
But loving you will never change.