Michelle L. Myers grew up dreaming of writing books, composing music and having a career in radio, television and film. Michelle started her journey in 1990 when she was crowned Miss Bethany, Oklahoma and then Miss Dessert of Oklahoma.  In 1994, she was crowned Miss Black Austin, Texas (Metroplex).
She has published 14 books and countless musical compositions.

In 2006, Michelle was on the official ballot for the Grammys, Song of the Year (co-writer) and Best Gospel Song (co-writer). In 2007, she was nominated for Record of the Year (co-writer) and Song of the Year (co-writer).
She currently manages the family business 8 Chicken Nuggets, which showcases the talents of all seven children.

Driven by a desire to help others, Michelle has received certifications as an End of Life Care Specialist, and Crisis Management Training. Gifted with a prophetic gift of knowing, Michelle also supports people on their spiritual paths. 
She and her children are diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum and have a rare connective tissue disorder called Ehlers Danlos. In addition, Michelle is less than 1 of 100 people diagnosed with Foreign Accent Syndrome, after having suffered a mini-stroke.

As a single mom of seven, she wanted to show her children that with hard work, regardless of challenges, one can still have live a life of purpose and joy. 

Michelle L. Myers resides just outside of Phoenix, Arizona with her family. Their moto: Don't let the challenge dictate the course!