1. First Sight

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"First Sight" takes you to memories of moments that you first realized what love was, is, and can be. The innocence of loving has been very skewed over the years. First sight allows you to meditate and feel the presence of the true love, the Creator's heart for you.
This song came to Michelle in a vision, as she played the piano. The notes filtered through the air, highlighted by beautiful flowers...yet blue notes of sadness for those on earth who feel overwhelmed and unloved.
"First Sight" takes you on your own personal journey, remembering the child within, while dealing with the issues of love you currently experience.
This song evokes tears, even without words.
The instrumental melody truly speaks of how hearts connect together.
All types and descriptions of love can be found within every folded note, hand delivered through this Seer in service to Whom she knows gifted her to help her fellowman.

If you need a moment to experience innocence and pure love, you will enjoy this instrumental. Write your words and allow the Creator to write within you, who LOVE says you are.