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One day after Michelle was shown a song of empowerment.
Often, we have experiences with people and are left with hurtful words.
At some point in life, everyone has been made to feel less than worthy, some even being told that they were a mistake.
A mistake to be born... a mistake to marry...a mistake to do business with...a mistake to know...
That idea is not from LOVE. You are no one's mistake, and when they finally realize that, the only thing you will be is their heartbreak.
Though you might be many things and need growth in different areas, no one has the right to belittle you or make you feel that you are worthless.


You're like a shadow covering my past
There once was love, but it didn't last.
I couldn't breathe, you held my breath
I suffocated on you.

You hurt me so bad, I can't forget
How can you call me the regret?

I know that I'm not perfect
And sometimes I might break.
But one thing I will never be,
I won't be your mistake.
I'm not your mistake
I'm not your mistake
I'm not your mistake
I'm your heartbreak.

I try to forget the lies you say
Like bruises, they're fading away.
Because of you I struggled so,
But I let it go...I let you go.

Now I've moved on
You're singing the same old song
Telling people I was a mistake all along

I'm not listening no more
To the demons in my mind
They keep telling me that I
Was a waste of your time.