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"How Do I Get Back"
This is a song written from the perspective of a person who has done some things that they are not proud of, but realize that they want to restore love and relationships.
Whether it is your relationship with the Creator, a family member, a relationship, a friendship...some times you don't know how to begin the process to reunite, or you wonder even if you can.

This is an upbeat song, though it deals with a challenging subject.
This song is about the second chance you don't know how to ask for.
Just because you made a mistake (or several) you are not to be seen as a throwaway person. Though sometimes it is healthier for people to set boundaries of distance, this song remembers the sincere person, who really desires to connect, yet doesn't know what to say.

The Creator reminded Michelle through this song, about the prodigal son. There is always a wrong choice made, but no matter how far away we go from LOVE and its forms, THE TRUESTS love of the universe invites you with an open invitation.
The Creator cannot be defined by a book, a sect, or fully know.
However, you are made from this beautiful stream of light, and that light is within you.
Yes, some times it is dim...sometimes we blow it out!
The amazing thing...there's always a way back to LOVE, though often it's not exactly what we thought it might look like.

This song expresses that some people are worth answering the question, "How Do I Get Back?"


Everybody telling me, that all I have to do
Is come back and say I'm sorry.
Then miraculously things will be how they used be,
But I know that I'm not owed no miracle.

I'd do anything to turn back time
Save your heartache, your tears from crying
You might forgive me, but you'll never forget
I haven't even forgiven myself yet.

How do I get back to you
How do I get back to you?
Everything's wrong
I've been gone so long
How do I get back to you?

You tell me you forgive me
It's hard to accept
Let's be honest, my life is a mess.
It's hard to see why you love me, but if I believe
I'm running straight into your arms.
I don't have anything to give,
But this broken hearts wants to live.

I can't promise you that perfect I will be
But as God is my witness
I give you all of me

(We then added a rock out session to release tension, rock screams included)