1. This Song

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Written by Michelle L. Myers

Produced by Michelle L. Myers


1st verse
Every day I see you
I see the smile in your eyes
I hear your voice when you laugh
I see the tears when you cry

I want to show you more
but I hesitate when you walk through the door
So beautiful, so full of life
I want to tell you how I feel
But I always think twice

This song
All of the words I can't say
This song
Think about you every day
This song
I wish I had the courage to say it
But I don't
So I wrote
This song

2nd Verse
You walk into the room I
Don't know what to do why
Is this so hard?
Is this imagination
I'm losing concentration
My mind is gone

I should just walk up to you
But then what would I do
You might just walk the other way
I'd send a text but what comes next
I don't know what to say

Maybe in another universe
We laugh and dance beneath the stars
You could be my moon
I can be your sun
A new world has begun

This song

All of the words I could say
I think about you every day
I wish I had the courage to say it
But I don't, so I wrote
This song