From the recording Atypical Oz


1st Verse
Lost and lonely
Waiting for the shoe to fall
Getting my hopes up
Then just watch them dissolve

Swimming in a sea of thoughts
That won't turn off
Hiding how I really feel
What's the cost

(Take my Picture)
Living in a photograph
(Take my Picture)
Can we make this moment last
(Take my Picture)
Nobody can see my tears
I can hide 'em here
Behind my picture

(Take my Picture)
Faking when it gets too real
(Take my Picture)
Smiling hides what I feel
(Take my Picture)
World around me feels insane
But I hide the pain
Behind my picture

2nd Verse
The world around me says that
I'm so beautiful
That I have everything
That I could want and more

But they can't see the war
Behind these walls
I pray to God pick me up
If I fall