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Michelle L. Myers, Autistic Mother of Seven Autistic Children, Author, Songwriter, Seer

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The Myers Family

The 8 Chicken Nuggets

Autistic family of 8, full-time musicians, dancers, singers, artists, and more.

The Myers-Walters family lives in Arizona, where they bring awareness and acceptance to being autistic.  They advocate for their autism community, diversifying what others think autism "looks like," as well as highlighting the necessary accommodations and resources desperately needed in the Autism Community. 

All proceeds help our small independent family business ‎@8chickennuggetsofficial . Thank you for your support.

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From Michelle

"We are humbled by the outpouring of positivity shown to our family, via through acts of immeasurable kindness, support, and care."

"A large portion of the entertainment industry is immersed in immorality and darkness.  As a family of creative artists, we thank God for designing us to help spread a message of light, understanding, and hope."

Your letters, comments, reshares, and purchases of our music, books, and artwork astounds me!"

"As a family also challenged by a rare disease called Ehlers Danlos, your support and prayers help us maintain the family moto through hard times. YOU, our fans, inspire us to work harder. Despite the criticisms and judgments from naysayers, we will not quit."


"Don't let the challenge dictate the course!"

"With a thankful heart I extend to you peace, as we continue serving humanity with love.

REMEMBER: No person deserves abandoned

Love, love, love

Michelle L. Myers

Mother • Momager• Songwriter •Producer

Author •Prophetic Spiritual Advisor

Newton's Autistic Brain chronicles the life of an 8-year-old, autistic Arctic fox, Newton. This charming series was written and illustrated by a real-life autistic young man, David Myers, and his autistic mother, Michelle L. Myers. Together, this mother and son use creative arts to educate and celebrate neurodiversity and its many colors. In this first installment of the series, Newton faces the challenges of moving to a new house and attending a new art school for children gifted in arts. How will Newton's new teacher react to his different mannerisms? How does Newton deal with bullying and kids making fun of how he talks? If you are new to the Autism Community or are a seasoned veteran of navigating our neurotypical dominant world, this series is a must-read for young and old.